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As an e-learning company we offer eBooks and articles (pdf printable format) as well as MP3s that provide opportunities for self-awareness, empowerment, and personal growth.

Our products are developed for people who believe in themselves and want to keep learning more about who they can become.  We focus on customers who want an intelligent, concise approach to enhancing their lives.  And, we know that engaging with our products will help you get additional insight into self and others that will give you a better life. 

What makes our publications valuable?  Everything we offer has been researched and written by Dr. Lynn Brown.  She has almost 40 years of professional experience working with individuals and groups; allowing her to gain invaluable expertise.  And, she continues to do research, teach, coach, and counsel because she loves it!

So, if you are a person who wants to continue learning about yourself and growing, you have come to the right place.  We hope you find what you are looking for.  If you don't, please send us an email letting us know a topic you'd like added, and we'll see what we can do.

We look forward to serving your personal growth needs!

Because our products are digital, all sales are final.

Dr. Lynn Brown


 "My desk was piled high today with so many things to do and read and I felt tired, so I turned to your book which was lying to my left, and opened its pages.  Reading it uplifted my spirit and I didn't feel so weary."

Melissa J.P.

 "Thank you for writing so concisely and eloquently a book that can really help people."


"I think your view affects others around you in a positive way.  I really think that's wonderful!"

Donna R.

"Thank you for expressing so beautifully the feelings I could never put into words!"

Barbara N.

"You are an excellent writer.  Wish I had your talent."


"I want to congratulate you for the wonderful work and concern for all the people that share with us this world.  I believe one of the greatest help to human beings is trying to understand their own problems and learn how to help themselves better and you accomplished a lot in this regard.  Thank you again in my name for all the people who need and enjoy your information and talent."

Maria F. de C.

"Your books are terrific, Lynn.  I hope you find joy in their expression.  I do!" 

Betty J.P.

"I have read your book with great interest.  Your ideas are sound and inspiring.  I wish you great good fortune in bringing your message to many people."

Robert A., Ph.D., P.A.